Uczniowie klasy I gimnazjum zmierzyli się z limerykami w wersji anglojęzycznej. Oto, co udało się im wykreować:



The girl hasn’t got a dad

And her days are always bad

She’s got a big foot

And a cheap boot

And she is never sad.


Lara has got three cats

And she loves her rats.

She lives in the house

With a small house

And she’s even got pink bats.


Paul likes dancing in the rain

And he comes from Spain.

He’s got wet eyes

When he cries

He has got very small brain.


This is a young boy called Billy.

His friends say he’s silly.

He likes reading books

And he always cooks

And later he eats chilli.

by Dawid Kosmala


There is a very long and busy snake.

It can swim in big, deep lakes.

The snake has got a cap

And it early gets up

Always this cap with him he takes.


There’s a young, very crazy cook

Who tells the guests: “Elephant, look!”

He cooks only potatoes,

And he has at home cows

He likes reading one book.


There are two plump dogs.

Their best friend is a fox

That bought the ball.

The ball is very small.

They have at home three frogs.


There is a small, happy boy.

He’s got a very big toy.

He gets a toy car.

The boy’s car is on the bar.

And he feels joy.

by Daria Kozak


There is a long, green snake.

He’s called Jake and he lives in a lake.

Jake’s got very big eyes

And he doesn’t like mice

But he loves a cheese cake.


There is a pretty girl, Rose.

Rose has got small toes.

She loves her dog

That doesn’t like fog

And has got a very big nose.


There is a nice boy, Roy.

He’s got a brother – Bob.

They love their dad

‘cause he’s got a small cat.


There is a handsome boy, Rob.

But hasn’t got a good job.

So, he lives with his dad.

And has got a big, silly cat.

Cat’s name’s Bob.

by Justyna Łuszczyńska


There is an animal called Seven

He wants to be a handsome man.

He’s got a nice voice

But he makes a horrible noise

And he’s afraid of heaven


There is a green creature called Grinch.

In his house stands a big winch.

He spends his life in bed

Calling people and saying “You’re red”

Then feels like lead-pipe cinch.


There is a singer from street Main.

She also sings together with Sven.

Their songs are great.

You can listen them on break

Like in Poland every man.


There is a boy called Mike.

His hobby is riding a bike.

He can ride about 10 kilometres-

A lot of metres

And he will win a ride.


There is a young girl, she’s called Emily.

She often visits her family.

On her face is always smile.

Cause she’s got a pretty nail.

And she’s from Sicily.


There is a Mickey mouse

Who loves so much Santa Claus.

But he never remembers

To leave cookies in December

And he always forgets to clean his house.

By Oliwia Chlad