Klaudyna Poks – uczennica klasy III gimnazjum – reprezentowała szkołę w Norwidowskim Konkursie Krasomówczym w Języku Angielskim (28.04.2009). Klaudyna, po zaprezentowaniu komisji swoich poglądów na temat bycia nastolatkiem, dostała się do drugiego etapu, podczas którego wypowiedziała się na wylosowany temat. Jej zdolności krasomówcze zaowocowały wyróżnieniem.
Serdecznie gratulujemy sukcesu i ogromnej odwagi!

Joanna Lewandowska

Being a teenager is a difficult time.

Personally I think that being a teenager is quite a difficult time for most of us. It’s the time when young people are on the threshold of adulthood. They experience a feeling of joy and fascination, first love and first breakdown. They meet new people, go to new schools and start their first job. What is more, their behavior and characters are changing all the time. They become moody and oversensitive. Apart from that, on the one hand they seem to be mature and responsible and on the other hand they love being carefree and party until they drop.

Many young people are rebellious and short-tempered. They often argue with their relatives. There are lot of reasons for quarrels between generations, such as: dressing style, housework, grades, friends, hairstyles and so on. Their eccentric hairdo or ragged jeans can be their identification signs and the way how to express their belonging to the particular groups. For many young people in search of an identity it’s very significant to belong to a peer-group with which they can share their interests, views and spend their leisure time. Additionally, a strong need of acceptance makes them look for the confirmation of their value. They make a lot of new friends but very often are gravely disappointed. According to an old saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” everybody needs close friends but thin-skinned young people especially.

Sometimes when children can’t communicate well with their parents, when they aren’t able to come up to their expectations they run away from home or commit crime. Teenagers are very susceptible to suggestions of their friends and sometimes they start to do harmful things like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or taking drugs. At first they think that drugs will help them to forget about their problems but it’s only an illusion. In addition, lots of young people are withdrawn and they feel rejected because they can’t make friends in their new school and they’re unhappy in love. Some of them start to harm their body because they want to express their pain or what is worse commit suicide. Unfortunately, some of them succeed it. In my opinion early youth is the most challenging time in our live. We must face-up to many problems and dilemmas and decide how to plan our future. But real life can destroy our plans, can be unexpected and suprising. It’s the time when everyone must become individual and find his own way.

In conclusion, my impression is that we should act sensible but enjoy every minute of our life. It’s full of wonder and this fact makes it amazing.
As far as I’m concered, I strongly belive that we can live through this harsh time with adults’ help and thanks to their discreet support.

Klaudyna Poks kl. III gimnazjum